Effective Communication Leads To…Success

Communication can be understood as using the right words, sentences and if it is delivered verbally it is adopting the right diction and tone of language. Communication is much more, it means putting n t right emotions in what is said or written so that the meaning and the intention behind the message is understood.

In today scenario, Communication plays a vital role in all aspects of student’s career growth, and they must make efforts to ensure that the right message is conveyed to the communicator. A student’s skill is measured by the ability to empathize and connect with employers and communicating the right way has a lot to do with this.

The use of jargon, flashy language or sophisticated style does not really get the message across to others. Rather experts advise that Students have to focus to communication that is simple and genuine and touches the emotional soft spot. Though communication is a simple process, student’s get it wrong when they use cold, impersonal language to deliver the message instead of putting some emotion behind it and putting a little bit of feeling in the message can have the right impact on the recipients. Students should stop acting as just a channel to pass information and put themselves in the situation when communication so that it has the desired effect. Besides some students feel the urgent need to communicate only when they have interviews, seminars, project works, viva. This is a wrong approach; students will fail to be convinced by the sudden sweet talk. Things are different if there is a constant communication channel between the students and the professors both in good times and bad. This creates a better understanding and both parties are able to connect with each other at all times and can express their views freely and invoke the right feelings and results.

Apart from the content and methods to communicate, Students must be aware of the timing as well. They should know the right time to say the right things – when to start answering, how to convince the recipient with a right approach etc.. In short, communication should aim at making their statements convince the recipient & the students feel motivated, confident, in control and ready to meet challenges further for themselves. An important aspect of learning for students is to be able to communicate what they know, or think they know in a proper approach.