7 things to do if you lose your Mobile phone

To lose your mobile phone or stolen is undoubtedly an upsetting incident. To take a number of safety measures as a common rule in case of loss or theft can help you to reduce the damages in case this horrible incident occurs to you. If you do misplace your Mobile phone, you should also take fast action so that you’ll undergo less consequence.

Report It to the Mobile Service Provider

Report your loss to the service provider ASAP. So that fraudulent calls are not made on your phone. Make sure that your service provider blocks your phone, and to take a complaint number from them.  A unique code encrypted in each mobile, known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, is now being used to trace a mobile anywhere in the country. Even if the SIM card or Network is changed, it can be traced.

Whenever a Mobile phone logs onto a particular network to make or receive calls, its IMEI number is required and this gets registered. In case of stolen phones, the service provider can pass on the information to the police. Police can trace the user through the SIM card. It is possible to even track down gangs running Mobile phone-stealing rackets.

Intimate your Banks, Credit Card Providers and Police

If you do find that fraudulent calls have been made on your mobile phone to the banks, you will certainly want to call the police without delay. Fraud is a criminal offense, and the police can take steps to intervene if someone is currently attempting to commit fraud with the use of your Mobile Phone and personal information. Reporting the missing Phone to police is also wise in case your Phone happens to be returned by an honest citizen. Be sure to get a copy of the police report as well. You may need the police file number when reporting the incident to other agencies.

Your bank can note the incident on your account and help you to close any accounts that have Mobile banking activated. You should monitor your bank accounts closely in the weeks and months that follow to ensure that your accounts are not being used without your knowledge.

Change Your PIN Numbers:

Most people have the habit of storing PIN Numbers and passwords in Mobile phones, if you have done so change them immediately.

Intimate your friend and Family members:

The person in having your phone can contact your friends and family members, may pose as you and can ask for money. So intimate your friends and family members.

Take backup of the Contents

It’s always advisable to take a backup of all the contents and contact numbers, and store them in your email. So that, even if you are in travel, you can access the contact numbers stored in your mail.


Remove all PIN numbers and Passwords. Store a number, like Emergency, like number of your brother or close friend. So that people who find your phone can call that emergency number. Never ever store pictures of you or anyone in compromising positions.

The Bottom Line

Being the sufferer of theft or loss is stressful. Be smart about what you store in your phone so that you can avoid unnecessary stresses. The more you do to prevent theft, the less likely it is to occur. Carry your phone in a safe place – a pocket or inside a purse that’s not easily reached into. Close any zippers and buttons to ensure that your phone or tab is as well concealed as possible.