Free Resources for an Aircraft during Flight – Er. P Manoj Kumar

Title: Free Resources for an Aircraft during Flight

Authors:  Er. P Manoj Kumar

Organisation: Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India.

Surrounded by IT Professionals in the Silicon City of India, Bengaluru, I often face a ‘welcome change’ when I introduce myself during social get-togethers as one belonging to the Aviation Industry for over two decades. Enthusiasm of Kids to know about flying in general and technology behind aircraft in particular ‘lifts’ me. Not just Kids, people wonder, as I explain that the basic science behind most aircraft systems is often rooted in our high school science text books. One of the main hindrances for any aircraft to fly is its weight, so any equipment/machinery being used should justify its weight w.r.t its output for the aircraft to fly. In order to satisfy that, scientists always optimize the resources available to them – either free resources like air, atmospheric pressure and nitrogen or by-products of its existing equipment/machinery. Air is freely available in the atmospheric zone and it is one of the main free resource being utilized by an aircraft for its flight.

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