Android and Portable Camera-Based Assistive Text Reading from Images and Messages – Dr.A.V.Paramkusam, V.Arun & Nakka Naresh

Title: Android and Portable Camera-Based Assistive Text Reading from Images and Messages.

Authors: Dr.A.V.Paramkusam, V.Arun & Nakka Naresh.

Institution: MLR Institute of Technology.

In nowadays, we must make use of various high-tech tools and equipments to get our jobs done and make our life comfortable. In this presented paper we introduced an advanced portable camera based text or message reading system specially for physically challenged. The portable system which captures the images and text written which are placed in front of the Pi camera can be read out or announced out using speakers/head phones interfaced to the Raspberry Pi processor. The Raspberry Pi processor takes the responsibility for authentication of the image which is fed as input to it and also alerts the blind person through voice messages using speakers or head phones. The proposed system aims at designing an innovative system which is very helpful for the physically challenged like blind persons to recognize the text from captured images and also from messages reading which are texted from android mobile and read out using speakers or head phones connected to raspberry pi processor.

ARM-11Raspberry Pi Processor, Pi camera, speakers, Bluetooth module.

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