Bamboo keyboard and mouse

The Bamboo keyboard has 106 keys while the Bamboo mouse is a optical mouse with scroll wheel. They both use USB interface.

This new USB keyboard and optical mouse are made of Eco-friendly bamboo and works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Linux.

The Bamboo Keyboard is priced at $39 while the Bamboo mouse costs $19 or you can get both of them for a total of $52(2400 rupees).

Product Features:

* 106 keys office keyboard
* Optical Scroll-wheel Mouse
* Keyboard and Mouse are made by bamboo
* Support Window 2000/XP/Vista and Linux
* Dimension: 395 x 155 x 20mm (approx.)(Keyboard)
* Dimension: 102 x 62 x 25mm (approx.)(Mouse)
* Weight: 842g (Keyboard)
* Weight: 87g (Mouse)
* Environmentally friendly solid bamboo housing
* Elegant for the executive, practical for everyone
* Optical sensing technology
* Durable soft-touch keys
* RoHS compliant

Don’t miss the natural feel of wood to sooth you when your are sitting at your desk.