Expenditure on Launching of Satellite System

The first satellite, IRNSS-1A, out of seven satellites under Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), has been successfully launched on 1st July 2013 onboard PSLV-C22 from Sriharikota. After a series of orbital maneuvers, the satellite reached the intended inclined geosynchronous orbit on 14th July 2013. The in-orbit testing of the payload and testing of various ground systems are in progress.

The purpose of IRNSS is to provide positioning services over Indian region with an absolute position accuracy of better than 20 metres. IRNSS shall provide two types of applications, Standard Position Service (SPS), which is open to all users and Restricted Services (RS) which is an encrypted position service meant for strategic users.

The next satellite IRNSS-1B is targeted for launch during first half of 2014, after evaluation of the on-orbit performance of the first satellite, IRNSS-1A. It is targeted to complete the constellation of 7 satellites by 2015. The total financial outlay for 7 satellites constellation of IRNSS and the associated ground segment is `1420 Crores, excluding launch cost.