Fighting Spirt – We can learn a lot from Japan

There is not a person alive who isn’t going to have some awfully bad days in their lives. I tell young engineers that what I mean by fighting is when your house burns down, and your girl-friend/Boy-friend dumps you, and you’ve lost your job and all the odds are against you. What are you going to do? Most people just lay down and quit. Well, I want my people to fight back.

Japan is nation situated in a region frequented by earth quakes and tsunamis.  The last tsunami damaged Japans coast totally. What did Japanese do?  They dint blame the government, they dint wait for some one to come and rescue them. As a community, people in japan spent their time to reconstruct their towns and cities. If the same would have happened in India, everyone would blame government for not doing work, instaed of lending a helping hand.

Below are few pics which stand as an example how Japanese are working quickly to regain their lives.

We should all learn from the fighting spirit of Japan and Japanese.

The more serious the difficulties, the more important it is for you to fight back, mobilizing all your resources-spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical.