Greening The Indian Vision

The very idea/thought of “vision 2020” has meant different things for different people, ever since the liberalization was promoted in early 90’s by Shri. P.V.Narsimha Rao and Shri Manmohan Singh. If you are thinking of “Development”, “opportunities”, “Better Living standards”, “Cleaner Roads” and you wont be far away from the Idea of Vision 2020.

Although many Indians would not be satisfied with their present conditions and they often complain of corruption, bureaucracy etc and point their finger towards their political setup of democracy. But we will understand how beautifully our system has worked if we compare living standards of Indians from 90’s to present day. In 90’s Having Fridge/TV was a luxury and having a Land-line Telephone was a Prestige Issue, not any more. 90% of Indian House holds are having TV’s and you wont get surprised by seeing phone in the hands of your house Maid.

With all this development happening all around you, there will be people who still complain about how our democracy is not working? But i think what we should complain about “how our steps towards a greener society is not working”.

Dream On, India
If our dreams of having a better, greener society has to be realized, we all have to work towards it. Government alone cannot do this. We should try to recycle everything. Use the white paper to write from top to bottom on both sides, become a miser, use all the things around you, don’t waste any thing. Once you use something, think how else can you use it.

As a developing and young nation, that provided an example to world in ancient times, India has further to go – both politically and culturally. Certainly Technology and young people have a major role to play.

If India thinks it can play a major role in 21st century, it can only do so by educating its citizens to go Greener.