India and Japan to Cooperate in the Fields of Cyber Security and Green ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

India and Japan decides to cooperate in the fields of Cyber security and Green ICT (Information & Communication Technology). In a statement after India-Japan Joint Working Group Meeting on ICT, in New Delhi, the two countries announced the decision to work on the following five areas which are to be implemented as India-Japan joint projects:-

  1. Green ICT
    –  Green Mobile Base Station project
  2. Cyber Security Cooperation
    –  Japan-India Combat Spam project
  3. Cooperative project for detecting symptoms and quick response to cyber attacks (PRACTICE)
  4. ICT for Disaster Management (ICT4DM)
    –  ICT Use in disaster-affected areas project
  5. ICT Application for Social and Economic Challenges
    –  National ID Application and Utilization Platform project

Ministry for Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) in India and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIC, Japan will coordinate the activities for taking these projects forward by involving industrial partners in both the countries. They will aim towards implementation of these joint projects by early 2015.

The two countries also decided to further discuss development of standards in the field of ICT, for future cooperation. Further, India had also offered Japan to manufacture ICT equipment in India by taking advantage of new conducive environment for manufacturing in India. The next meeting of the joint working group is to be held in Tokyo next year.