Individual Social Responsibilty

Everyone is talking about “SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY”, meanwhile we forget that it’s Individual who made the society. No one is concerned about “INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY”.

Nowadays we all have seen Students involving in all the political issues which is not taken place in peaceful manner, being a responsible citizen of the country ,instead of participating in the growth aspects of the country they are been involved in certain issues they are not supposed to. Now it’s time to think over the issue of “Individual Social Responsibility (ISR)”. It’s not that we can prove ourselves with illegal aspects such as suicides, damaging public property; they need to protest in peaceful & meaning ful manner to fulfill their demands. It is called Individual social responsibility.

Thousands of people have lost their properties because of these issues but nobody is willing to take on the responsibility of that loss to the society nor the students or the politicians who are using them for their political growth/selfishness. So, the time has come that every individual has to realize what is good, how to make the society to grow in a better aspects & should involve in such aspects which leads to the individual themselves which in turn is good for the society. They should do their protests properly with a sense of responsibility and accountability towards the society. The honesty at being, the ethics that is taught by their parents since childhood should not be only a matter of learning but it should be implemented in the real life of every individual.