Mobile Application for Driver Health Status Remote Monitoring – Mr.D.V.Surya Chandra Babu, Dr.A.V.Paramkusam, V.Arun & Uday Kumar

Title: Mobile Application for Driver Health Status Remote Monitoring.

Authors: Mr.D.V.Surya Chandra Babu, Dr.A.V.Paramkusam, V.Arun & Uday Kumar

Institution: MLR Institute of Technology,Hyderabad.

This project aims in design and present the health parameters monitoring and recognition based coma, paralysis patient’s posture information can be gathered difficult. So, By using this project Non vision based different wearable type sensors(3-axis accelerometer, heartbeat,) added and located at patient body for getting the postures information and activity by them always displayed on computer by using Zigbee-WSN technology. Doctors using this information give treatment to the patients in correct time. The patient monitoring portfolio spans environments, patient’s acuity levels, and clinical requirements. Versatile Sure Signs patient monitors offer a range of options for flexible care, including a portable beside monitor, compact patient monitor, and vital signs monitor. All patient monitors are designed to give caregivers a clear view of patient information. We present the design and implementation of a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system based on wireless technology using a cellular phone, to send an SMS (Short Message Service) to the medical staff the most useful thing to know about the global system for mobile communication is that it is an international standard. If user travels in parts of world, GSM is only type of cellular service available. Instead of analog services, GSM was developed as a digital system using TDMA technology.

Keywords: Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system.

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