Noise Reduction Technology – Mohd Zaheeruddin, Shaista Fatima & Dr.M.Satyanarayana Gupta

Title: Noise Reduction Technology.

Authors: Mohd Zaheeruddin, Shaista Fatima & Dr.M.Satyanarayana Gupta.

Organisation: MLR Institute of Technology and Management.

ABSTRACT Aircraft noise is one of the major problems the aviation world is facing. The biggest challenge for the engineers in today‘s world is to minimise the noise and increase the performance of an aircraft. Due to the growing concern regarding the noise reduction, international organisations pushed the red button and drafted a few targets to reduce noise in the coming years. They even introduced few regulations. During the past few years many noise reduction technologies have been introduced and had a positive result. Some of them are ultrahigh bypass ratio, scarf inlets, forward swept fans, chevron nozzles, etc. In this report one of those advantageous noise reduction technologies will be discussed. Scarf inlets are the main focus in this report. The types of scarf inlets, design approach, and working of scarf inlets were discussed in detail. An analysis in terms of increased performance and decreased noise were accomplished. Fortunately, the results are quite advantageous and encouraging. In addition, the future scope of scarf inlets which is the rotatable scarf inlet is recognised and is under design process.

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