Share earphones with your Girlfriend

Always wanted to hear your favorite romantic song with your girl friend or boy friend? But could not do so as ear phones dint support it as it has got only two ear buds? Wondered how can you get earbuds for two people to listen at the same time. Try these smart earphones.

The concept is developed at yanko design. Each and every wire in this set is detachable and hooks up to a central module. This means the left ear bud, right earbud, central module and line out are all independent and replaceable when busted. The central module works as a remote control for the player and features basic functions like volume, play and stop.

The earbuds are such that you can hook up two separate sets to the central module so that two people can hear your favorite song. This process can be repeated as many times as possible. That way a bunch of people can hear from the same source.

But the same can also be done using Y adapter that will let you use two sets of earbud headphones at the same time.

These Y adapters would not cost more than 100 rupees.  And are available from major electronic manufacturers like Philips.