Silent Sound Technology from KIT

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), an academic research and education institution located in the city of Karlsruhe, Germany founded in 1825 developed a technology which uses electromyography which will monitor the muscular movements that occurs when we speak. After sensing the movements they convert them into electrical pulses which in turn is converted into the speech without uttering a sound.

All of us would have experienced of talking loudly in the mobile phone in the midst of the disturbance while traveling in trains or buses or in a movie theater. There is no need of shouting anymore for this purpose. It is definitely going to be a good solution for those feeling annoyed when other speak loud over phone.

This device is helpful in transmitting the words only with the movement of lips without making any sound. Soon this technology will be available in your phones. May be you want to talk to your boy friend or girl friend without being noticed by your parents? This is the technology that you should look for!

This can also be a great benefit for people who lost their voice in accident or due to medical conditions.

As of now the translation technology works for languages like English, French and German. May be in five years time, it might also be available in Indian languages like Telugu, Marathi, etc.