Space Program of India Vis-A-Vis China

India and China are pursuing their respective national space programmes with different priorities. Since the inception of Indian space programme, India’s focus has been on peaceful uses of outer space and harnessing space technology for national development.

China has developed strength in launch vehicle domain including the capability for human spaceflight missions. India has capability to launch 2.2 tonne payloads into Geostationary Transfer Orbit and is in the process of upgrading the launch capability to 4-tonne.

India has strength in space applications and India’s domestic constellation of remote sensing and communication satellites are considered to be the largest in Asia-Pacific region.

In the field of space science and planetary exploration, both India and China have sent orbiters to Moon. India’s Mars Orbiter launched on November 05, 2013 has completed Earth orbiting phase and successfully escaped the Earth’s Sphere Of Influence on December 04, 2013. China has also made the similar attempt, but could not succeed.

China has a regional satellite navigation system in operation. India is setting up its own regional satellite navigation system (IRNSS) which is expected to be operational by 2015 and the first satellite was launched in July 2013.

ISRO has drawn-up a long-term plan for Space Research identifying the goals, Programme Directions and technology requirements. The plan encompasses development of advanced launch vehicle systems including critical technologies for re-usable launch vehicles and Human Space Flight Programme; developing capabilities in Space communications towards meeting the developmental needs in the areas of education and literacy, health-care, rural development and disaster management support; Satellite Navigation based positioning services, Augmenting earth observation systems with enhanced imaging capabilities for natural resource management applications; and undertake front ranking research in the areas of Space science, Astronomy and Planetary exploration.

Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions and Prim Minister’s Office Shri V.Narayansamy gave this information in reply to a written question in the Lok Sabha.