Vigyan Prasar , DST and NISCAIR, CSIR Develops a Film on Indian Women Scientists “Scientifically Yours”

Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India jointly with NISCAIR, CSIR has developed an inspirational film titled “Scientifically Yours” on Indian Women Scientists who helped in shaping the Indian Science.

The highlights of the film were shown today on the eve of International Women`s day here in New Delhi. The film on Indian women scientists is a unique one as this section of society has not been sufficiently covered in the country. This is an effort to bring the living women legends in science on to the centre stage with their achievements and contributions and communicate to the youth of the country.

A panel discussion with the scientists who are part of the film having such an inspirational film for motivating the young students in science and sharing their experiences in making the film was also organized on the occasion.

The film is likely to help in creating role models for students and researchers especially for girl students and motivate them in pursuing careers in basic and applied sciences. The film would be shown for awareness generation in schools, colleges, universities across the country.

The women scientists have been identified from various fields of research such as Physical Sciences, Biological sciences, Chemical sciences, Immunology, Agriculture etc. The film has been produced in discussion mode at CSIR–NISCAIR. A 13-episode film has been developed of 26 minutes duration each. .

The film covers the selected living women scientists, highlighting their achievements and advancements and journey made by them in Indian Science. Following eminent scientists have been covered such as Dr. Indira Nath, pioneer in the field of medical sciences who made major contributions and worked for Leprosy, Dr.Bimla Butti,an eminent physicist who worked in the field of Plasma Physics from Physical Research Laboratory, Dr. KasturiDatta, pioneer in Cellular & Molecular Biology worked in JNU, Dr. Manju Sharma, renowned biotechnologist from DBT, Dr. Chandrima Shaha, profound Endocrinologist and present Director of Indian Institute of Immunology, Dr. Chitra Sarkar, an eminent Neuropathologist from AIIMS, Dr.Vibha Tandon, renowned scientist working in field of Medicinal Chemistry at JNU, Dr. Rupamanjari Ghosh, Quantum physicist from JNU, Dr. Shashi Wadhwa, renowned medical professional and Dr. Sunita Saxena, eminent scientist from ICMR who works in the field of Pathology .