Education is the manifestation of the perfection already present in man

In the present scenario; everyone thinks that education is simply forming a time table to which we stick to in which you need to get up early in the morning study something, then pack up your bags go to a place to learn something and then come back home and remain to the same time table. Ultimately your efforts get rated one fine day in the form of marks or grades………

Is this real education that we think it is? Probably not….. Education is much beyond it…… In education we always need to search for something new and always be open to learn something new.

As Swami Vivekananda says: “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already present in man” so education is something which is there within us it’s just how much we strive for it and how much we desire to learn something new.

In order to learn something we should convert ourselves into a disciple rather than being just a student. Always we need to listen to what our inner soul says because your inner self will never do injustice to you. Unfortunately in recent time’s education is nothing more than a degree and marks. Marks have spoiled the true performance of the generation. So I think we need to reform education system which focuses only on marks & degree.

The benefit of attending educational institutions is largely literacy and less education. Learning is something, which is not bound by time, place or age. If a person intends to learn, then every moment is a learning opportunity, when one can gain knowledge and experience. The outlook of a person is of primary importance in respect of learning and acquiring knowledge.

I would like to state a small example which states as to how we should behave in order to really educate ourselves:

“Always learn to live like a elephant and not like a dog!!!!! because when an elephant walks elegantly a dog seeing it starts barking but then too the elephant does not seem to get distracted but keeps on moving elegantly” What we understand from this is that an elephant knows its power and that is why it does not care about that dog. Likewise we need to know our strengths and keep on moving who so ever comes in between to distract us from our path.

So always desire to learn & Reach the heights………..!!!!!!!!!!!!