70 million mummies were made in Egypt!

If a spaceship approached a black hole, it would appear to go slower the closer
it got to it; then it would appear to stop … turn orange, then red, and fade into

Dogs have twice as many muscles for moving their ears as people do;
A giraffe can clean its own ears with its tongue!

In ancient Egypt, the process of mummification took about 70 days;
Scientists estimate that over 70 million mummies were made in Egypt!

The human jaw can chew with 200lbs of pressure;
Alligators snap their jaws shut with 2,000 lbs of force.

It took 38 years for radio to reach 50 million listeners;
It took four years for the Internet to reach 50 million users.

At an ocean depth of 45 yards, less than 1 percent of the sun’s light is still
visible; Sharks can detect light 10-times dimmer than what humans can see.

Number of days a human can live without water: 3;
Number of days a cockroach can live without its head: 9.

There are 2.5 trillion stars in the Milky Way;
there are 250 trillion blood vessels in the human body.

Sound level the human ear can withstand without damage: 130 decimals;
Sound level of an average rock concert: 150 decimals.

Lightning strikes the earth about 100 times every second;
one lightning bolt could power a 100-watt light bulb for three months.

When complete, the International Space Station will be the length of a football
field… and the ISS will be visible to the naked eye to over 90 percent of the
world’s population.

Estimated number of robots in use around the world: 1.4 million;
Worldwide, about 50 percent of industrial robots are used in making cars.

Some snails can sleep up to three years at a time;
over a lifetime, the average person will spend 25 years sleeping.

Over 130,000 cell-phone screens could fit onto one IMAX screen;
An IMAX projector weighs about 2 tons the weight of a small car!
And the average height of an IMAX screen is 8 stories high!

A helicopter’s main rotor spins about 300 times a minute;
Number of times a puffin flaps its wings each minute: 300!

Each year, 125,000 tons of batteries are discarded in the U.S.;
that’s the weight of the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial combined.

There are 4 million miles of roads in the U.S. alone;
that’s enough to stretch from the earth to the moon 8 times!

A 150 lb. person would weigh only 25 pounds on the moon;
on the sun, that same person would weigh 4,200 lbs.

The blink of an eye lasts about 1/10 of a second;
The average person blinks about 4.2 million times per year.

The average life of a taste bud is 10 days;
the number of taste buds on the tongue: 10,000.

The average human heart beats about 75 times a minute;
in one year a human heart pumps enough blood to fill an Olympic-size pool.