GestIC – 3D interface Cube

GestIC is a core technology developed by IDENT Technology AG placing  people at the heart of an intelligent technical environment.

GestIC revolutionizes the interaction between people and machines and devices and opens up utterly new realms of possible applications. With GestIC  completely new products for private and industrial applications become feasible.

IDENT’s GestIC technology is a gesture based interface system and they’re showing off by describing a concept cube which allows the user to turn, twist, and pinch your data in 3D.

Each face of the cube serves a different function and you can access messages and the web just by slipping and sliding on the surface. So it therefore is like a mini computer encased in a cube of touchscreens sitting at your home and functions to make the user’s daily life more convenient, the sync feature with mobile devices would probably be one of my favourite.