Portable Mail Profile for Outlook – P.MAYURI & K.PRASANNA

Technical Paper Title: Portable Mail Profile for Outlook

Authors: P.MAYURI & K.PRASANNA, 4th BTech, CSE

College: Prakasam Engineering College, Kandukur


Portable outlook:
Out look is one of the desktop mail clients, which is used to Work with mails in offline.
For that we have to configure outlook with our mail in our selected pc. If we want to work in another pc we again follow the total installation, configuration process. It is time taking process. The alternative solution for this is Portability for outlook.

Portability means an application can run in any platform. Portability for outlook means carrying the outlook environment where ever we want. In this process first we have to install and configure to our gmail. The files should be carried out with the help of portable drive and select the pc and launch these files into another pc. And work on that mails and the modifications should be done. These mails sync with gmail. And finally safely remove the setting.           

The aim of this application is to access our mails anywhere else by providing portable solution. Also this application   provides security and reduces the time. It is more advantageous for business people.
In existing outlook we configure profile when there is availability of internet only. It takes much time to configure. So, it is time consuming process. If there is no internet it is not possible to configure profiles because of failure of server connection. It permits only for remote pc. It is not possible to access at other pc.

  • Outlook works under only local desktop system.
  • It is not portable.
  • Users unable to access information when they want to work with other systems.
  • Time consuming process to reconfigure.
  • Internet should be needed to configure the profile.

In proposed system we provide solution to access the mails in any pc. In this we will take the entire setup of required profile from local pc into any portable drive and place it in other pc. We can access information in other pc my mapping the path to portable drive. It doesn’t need internet to launch and it takes less time then to reconfigure.

  • We can access information any where else in the systems where outlook software is installed.
  • It takes less time to launch the setup.
  • Internet is not necessary at the time of   launching.
  • Most of the users like business persons are more beneficial by accessing up to date information by having a small drive with them.
  • It also provides security.


Module Description:

This project portable mail profile for outlook mainly divided into six modules. They are:

  • User interface
  • Setup
  • Launch
  • Safe remove
  • Sync
  • Database management.


Before taking  setup we have to create one user interface for security purpose. It is securable because if we miss the drive it is not possible to launch without login.
Before taking setup we have to configure profiles in outlook. Set Up an Outlook E-Mail Account.
The Internet Connection Wizard makes short work of setting up our online mailbox by walking us through each step for every e-mail account we set up.

1. Before we get going, make sure we know our email address along with the  following information.

Information about the e-mail servers
The type of e-mail server you use: POP3 (most e-mail accounts), HTTP (such as Hotmail), or IMAP
The name of the incoming e-mail server.
For POP3 and IMAP servers, the name of the outgoing e-mail server (SMTP)

Information about your account
Our account name and password.
Find out if our ISP requires us to use Secure Password Authentication (SPA) to access your e-mail account—yes or no is all that’s required.

2. Start Outlook Express, and on the Tools menu, click Accounts.
3. Click Add, and then click Mail to open the Internet Connection Wizard.

Mail option from the Add button

On the Your Name page of the wizard, type our name as we want it to appear to everyone who gets e-mail from us, and then click Next.
Most people use their full name, but we can use any name—even a nickname—that people will recognize.

On the Internet Explorer Address page, type your e-mail address, and then click Next.

On the E-mail Server Names page, fill in the first block of information that we gathered from our ISP in step 1, and then click Next.
Internet Connection Wizard’s E-mail Server Names

On the Internet Mail Logon page, type your account name and password

Internet Connection Wizard’s Internet Mail Logon

Click next, and then click Finish.
We are ready to send our first e-mail!
Unsure if our new e-mail account is working? Send an e-mail message to a friend. If they get the message, our account is ready to roll! But if we run into problems setting up our account, Outlook Express offers help. Search for troubleshooting topics from Contents and Index on the Help menu.

Export backup profile in registry through regedit.

Copy the .pst file into a device from the path
C:\Documents and Settings\ pec \Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
Copy the credential files from the path
C:\Documents and Settings\pec\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook


In this module we want to use the outlook configuration in another computer which is configured in our computer. For this we have to copy the .pst file, .srs file and signature files from the original pc. And also export the path of the outlook configuration from the regedit in the setup module.
The copied files are paste in the new system for use.The location to copy the .pst files is C:\Documents and Settings\pec\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.
The location to paste the .srs and .n2k files
C:\ Documents and Settings \pec \Application Data \Microsoft \Outlook.
Import the backup by double clicking on the back up in your portable drive.
We have to map to the files by changing the actual path in the registry. To the path of portable drive.
Showing path in registry

Change the path to original path in registry.

Export the bacup of launched profile.

Rename the profiles and files which we modified before.

Copy all the launched files after modification.

Delete all the launched files.


Sync Outlook files:
We can sync Outlook files quickly and easily, Synch Pst is exactly what we need. This synchronization utility allows us to automatically sync Outlook files between several computers, and quickly and easily sync our laptop with our desktop. Synchronizing emails and notes is simple with Sync Pst – it can be done with a single click, or totally automatically.
The Personal Folder file (.pst) is the place where Outlook stores its data (when you’re using Outlook without Microsoft). Each Personal Folder file contains all of our Outlook folders, including the Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts. We may have a single .pst file usually called “Internet Folders” or “Personal Folders”, and we may also have an additional .pst file that we use to archive messages (named “Archive Folders”). By backing up these PST files we will be backing up all our Outlook information.
Within the folder we should find an outlook .pst file. Burn this file to a CDROM disk or other backup source. If we archive our email, be sure to backup the archive .pst file as well. Prior to backing up these files, Outlook will need to be closed.
The table below lists key Outlook files that we may want to back up in addition to our Personal Folders. We will need to completely exit Outlook prior to copying these files. Depending upon our configuration some or all of these files may be present in our Outlook directory.


Database is nothing but the group of records. It maintains all the records that exists. We can insert, delete, update records in database by some commands.

For that we have to create database table first and insert some fields with their datatypes.


The first thing that the project team should understand all the features of existing system i.e., Out Look mail client which is provided by MICROSOFT. It is use to work on mails in offline for that users have to configure the profile and replicate their corresponding mails, it’s a very time consuming process to configure each and every time. Our project provide a solution to this problem as PORTABLE MAIL PROFILE , it provide portability for OutLook environment where user can use this application anywhere else in the world.

The primary goal of this phase is to identify what constitutes as a success for this particular phase of Portable Mail Profile project. In particular all the requirements are identified and the project team will spend remaining period of time trying to satisfy these requirements.

To provide the portable solution for OutLook we concentrate on the things such as how to execute the Process Monitor, working with Registry Editor, copying the files, renaming the files change the content of the files, creating and connecting to the databases.

With the help of Process Monitor, we identify the required files to get mails in offline and with the help of Registry Editor we identify the location of that files and copy that files to the desire portable drive . User can work with mails by using this portable drive anywhere, and the   changes can sync back to home PC if user wants.

This portable solution is mainly helpful for the business people who are not able to spend more time to work on mails in offline. It avoids reconfiguring the profile and replication of mails redundantly.


  • Our application works only under 2007 version.
  • In future. with minor modifications we can work under 2003 and 2010 also