TOILETS: The Big Indian Concern

It Takes a brave engineer to take delve into the world of sanitation and work towards providing economically viable to operate with less burden on government. It needs civil engineer to design the least expensive model with best comforts. It needs chemical engineers to convert the bio-waste into bio-fertilizer. It needs an electrical engineer to convert bio-gas into lighting.

Every day we can see that thousands of farmers are fighting before fertilizer supply stores. If we can work and direct the vast number of farmers to recycle human waste to provide local energy needs, we address a lot of concerns. Engineers can help farmers build bio-gas plants. Please try it in your village or near by village. It’s low cost and provides great motivation and satisfaction to you as a student.

With the bio-gas digesters, stools/excrement of humans/animals can be turned into a mix of methane, CO2 and hydrogen sulphide. These can be used as gas for cooking and lighting. The rest can be used as organic manure for the fields.

In India millions of public toilets are not in proper condition as they require monthly maintenance. If the above method is implemented the revenue generated through bio-gas and manure can helpful in maintaining toilets.

It will also help from ground water getting polluted by human waste. To have safe drinking water and better sanitation we need social engineers.