Writing your first Resume

It’s not that how much qualified student we are or a gold medalist in the academics…It’s important to project your skills in a two pages “RESUME” which should be impressive,understandable,clearly drafted about your skills to the hiring companies to get attracted & to sell yourself….

Initially we try to take out a model resume of our friend prepared or the topper of our class prepared, it’s not that bad idea to check out for a model resume (like we do for a model question paper) but the way how we provide all the information about our self in a meaningful aspect is all matters. You need to take this task seriously right from the start.

You need to tell the Hiring manager/recruiter the context in which your achievements have taken place and let them know what value you offer for the future. You do not need to be headlining the general details of your life like your address and what primary school you went to. You do not need to tell someone that the document is a RESUME.

If you follow a boring pattern of writing a resume it will be dull and recruiters who have to read lots of applications everyday won’t even consider taking a look at it. You need to reach these people where they are interested. Your resume needs to build up expectations that you are worth meeting. Your need to tell them the context of your achievements, skills in a right manner. It doesn’t mean that you should mess up your CV with unwanted details or titles. All you really need is a few sensible headings such as PROFESSIONAL, CAREER and PERSONAL – under which you can group your skills/qualifications, narrative of achievements and necessary details.

Bulleted paragraphs are a great way to save space and add impact but they need .They need to relate to the one before and the one after in an intelligent way. The medium is in the message. If they have reached the third paragraph of your letter and glanced at your resume, you have already shown them that you can communicate. There is no need to tell them you are a GOOD COMMUNICATOR, a SELF-STARTER, in so many words…

The other way of impressing recruiters is your choice of fonts and styles, however, is somewhat limited by the restrictions of email and online Resume /CV Builders. You need to find out what these restrictions are by studying the word processing program you are using and asking yourself. Your RESUME needs to sing, summaries, promise and capture the spirit of what’s best about you. Safe, boring, over-length, repetitive letters that repeat your Resume or try to match every single minor point in the job definition will have one damaging effect on the reader – they will think you are not very bright/right candidate.

Put it all down and then reduce it until you fit two pages. Focus on the Initial lines avoid mistakes. Give your contact details in detail so that the recruiter can approach you easily.